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Vir Norin's WIP (Warning,: Nudity!)

Hello Polycount! 
My name is Anton, better known as Vir Norin. Here are some models that I did a while ago. Most of them just a simple practices (I enjoy the process of sculpting more than making renders hence lot of images don't look finished).

And here is a project that I'm working on right now. It is called T.E.O.G.O.D. which means The End Of the Good Old Days. The main purpose of this project is to take all stuff that I like to model and combine them with one story. It is about postapocalyptic world were you can find things like zombies, weird creatures, robots, abandoned megalopolices, futuristic weapons and vehicles and other cool things. I also write an accompanying story to give a better idea about characters and the world overall. I would post it here but it is a lot of text. If you are interested you can read it on my DA page (and check more renders as well) So speaking about characters. They all are still in development stage. 

The main character is Nastya. Along with T.E.O.G.O.D. story she is a character of one side project in fantasy style where she is a sorceress. 

The second main character is teenage girl Flora. Again, more information you can find on my DA page. 

And the third character - humanoid robot Antaeus. He is still in heavy development. But here is the rough sketch of his head.

I hope you like it. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me :)


  • Burpee
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    Burpee polycounter lvl 6

    More seriously as I see it, you nailed female anatomy ! 
  • Vir_Norin
    Thank you :D Yeah, I really love anatomy, especially female one. Still lot to learn.
  • Vir_Norin
    Here are some studies of the dress. A bit lumpy but I still like how it looks.

  • Vir_Norin
    Some sneakers I did a while ago. I Should add a lot of wear and tear to fit the postapocalyptic setting.

  • Vir_Norin
    Did a quick render in Zbrush to see how my second character looks like. I sculpted her quite a while ago as a human version of Centauride that I made earlier but abandoned the project. It is a shame that after so many hard work I left her unfinished. But recently when I started my new T.E.O.G.O.D. story I thought that she might became a good friend to Nastya and decided to give her a second life. So I reworked her face completely to be more youth (story starts when she is 17 but in render she is already 18) and fixed main issues with body anatomy (though legs screaming for more love). Still it looks a bit stylized and exaggerated in some places but I like it since I don't strive for complete realism. So here is a test render, as well as some images of her posed from the old project (where she is playing in strip-checkers).

  • Takai
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    Takai vertex
    I have found you on in the Poly forums! Fellow artist who loves to sculpt Venus!

    The dress study is my favorite so far, very creative design, revealing but different (cooler and more interesting) than stuff normally seen.
  • Vir_Norin

    Thanks a lot for commenting. And I'm glad to see familiar face from ZBC! 

    Unfortunately the design of the dress isn't mine - I simply found photos of several dresses with similar design and sculpted kind of a mixture of them. Just to understand the nature of folds. Probably I had to write this earlier. But yeah, I really like how teasing it is. I enjoy a lot the Nastya's forms and I will continue creating (and designing) clothes that is intriguing and accentuates her body shapes. 

  • PyrZern
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    PyrZern polycounter lvl 9
    I like what you did with the hair. Though still pretty rough, looks like good form.
  • Vir_Norin
    Thank you! 
    I did numerous haircuts since my characters will change their appearance through the story. While some of this sculpted hairs (not present here) are quite detailed, I prefer more stylized ones where structure and rhythm are dominating.
    Anyways it is just a placeholder and a rough guide for future hair with particles.  
  • Slozhny
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    Slozhny polycounter lvl 5
    Cutie gurls (>___<)
  • AhrensArts
    A centaur that looks like Devon Jade... neat! I like the idea of making a story around older pieces, too. Aaaand that pose of your second character! What fascinates me most are the shoes though, I wonder how exactly you made them. I would've guessed zBrush, but since that viewport looks like Maya, I wonder whether it may be subdiv modeling :)
  • Vir_Norin
    SLOZHNY Thank you. Glad you like them :)
    AHRENSARTS Thanks! Oh, you know Devon Jade. Yeah, I was really inspired by her beauty. But later when a simple portrait turned into full body sculpt for image in erotic style I thought that I might get problems and started changing facial features. But still she reminds her a lot. And yeah, this sculpt has quite painful story. At first it was a simple portrait, then a centaur with slightly changed face, then I converted her to human, then a year later I revisited her face and fixed numerous anatomical flaws, making even more changes. And now to fit her into my story I'm changing her face again as in the last grey-scale image. Lol, I bet it would be easier to do her from scratch. 
    Yes, the sneakers were made with regular subdiv-modeling. It is a viewport of Blender (slightly customized). The process of creation was similar to this:
    - I made overall shape of the shoe with relatively low-poly mesh. Here topology doesn't really matter, only the shape does. This way it is much easier to do tweaks when needed.
    - Then subdivided it with subsurf modifier (analog of turbosmooth in max) and treated it as my target mesh
    - Then I created separate object and called it final mesh. I started positioning verticles describing main features like seams or patches on top of my target mesh. Then I just filled everything with nice organized topology. I found a good image of random sneakers and used it as a reference. I don't like tracing backplates and prefer to train my sight by modeling stuff by eye. This way some discrepancies are unavoidable. But here is a power of modifiers. I assigned shrinkwrap modifier to detailed mesh with seams and patches forcing it to dynamically project onto the target mesh. This way I can make drastic changes to my final mesh in terms of topology but overall shape still would be the same.
    - When I was happy with topology I started making extrusions to give a thickness to all this pieces. From now goes just a regular modeling.
    - In the reference there are some small details which is hard to model when topology isn't dense enough. For this I prefer to apply my first level of subdivision, maybe optimize it a bit and move on to tertiary details. Also, I'm a big fan of using pentagon technique. If you know how penta- or sometimes hexagon will look after subdivision and what topology flow it produces then you can use it for your advantage. If I know that my first subdivision level would be applied through the modeling stage I use pentagons extensively. In proper places n-gons produce very convenient topology.
    - As for the sole I made one segment and arrayed it with modifier. The second modifier was lattice to fit the overall mass of the sole underneath the shoe. Then I finished it with heel and toes part. 

    I guess that's it. I hope it was useful :)
  • Vir_Norin
    A quick test of Antaeus body. Some parts are still just a rough sketch from Zbrush (chest and back), while others have more or less good topology but still not finished and not detailed. 
    The main intent is to show a robot in the middle of modification process from mechanic to organic. He started modifying his body to resemble more a human being, but as he admit later most of fleshy parts are purely aesthetic and not functional (hence his internals are still filled with wires, hydraulics etc) 
  • Vir_Norin
    Stylized female body. Very rough sketch. It is actually a fan-art. For now boobs are in Zeronis style. Later after posing I will fix them to resemble original drawing more. In reference image she is in extreme pose so it is hard to judge about the breast shape and proportions overall.
  • Vir_Norin
    OMG, after so many months of sculpting this character (I believe the body was made a year ago), and not even finishing the model I finally deigned to paint her.
    Here are just a basic skin tones to see how she looks like with color. She is supposed to be brunette or brown haired girl, but I could not resist to add some freckles (jeez, I love them). The eyes are temporary and color-corrected in PS. I did some other tweaks as a postprocess so she looks a bit too saturated. She also had a bit blushing cheeks but during the painting the redness fade away so I would reintroduce it again.
    Overall her skin should be darker than Flora's cause Nastya was an inhabitant of the inferior world and was often working under the sun (not calling her redneck but you get my point). And opposite to Anastasia Flora is a real couch potato so she has an aristocratic paleness. I'm not sure but I might create two versions of Nastya: one with regular skin as on the image and another one very sun-tanned with distinct bikini tan-lines (that's another big fetish). After all she was wandering for several months during the hot summer. The sweaty shiny skin also looks better when it is tanned.

    And here is a test render of Flora's hair. She was originally planned as a redhead.
  • Vir_Norin
    Started designing weapons for my girls. I have just a little experience in making guns plus I model it straight in 3D without drawing first so it takes a while to figure out the shapes.
    Plasma rifle. This was made with Link gun from Unreal in mind but later I changed the di rection and now it is more in Doom style. I will make yet another plasma gun that resembles more original UT3 design.
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