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[CE3] - CW's Nikita - Division HQ

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I wanted to share some work in progress on a fan art scene that I started working on. Since I have a habit of not finishing personal stuff (which I want to change) I figured starting a thread might help me see this one through. This time I also picked something a bit more manageable and self-contained instead of a massive cityscape :\.

So, I'll be building a scene inspired/based on the most recent TV show Nikita from CW. (Not to be confused with "Le Femme Nikita" from back in the days).

It's the HQ of "Division", which is build in a refurbished missile facility. What interests me is that it's fairly clean, with some nice concrete architecture and interesting lighting.

Here's some reference pictures:

And here's some some whitebox to get things started:

Next steps will be to start refining the whitebox and get some tiling textures going. I'll keep posting as I move forward!



  • MeshMagnet
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    MeshMagnet polycounter lvl 5
    Good start, keep it up!
  • Wildstyle
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    Wildstyle polycounter lvl 6
    Thanks MeshMagnet!

    I've started laying down some basic textures and started playing a bit with lights to get a better feeling for the scene.

    Some new screenshots:


    Also continued to tweak the proportions, going back and forth between the editor/3ds Max and the folder of screenshots. I used the concrete blocks as a reference point but I couldn't quite get things to match up until I started lowering the fov in the editor and things started falling in place.

    In hindsight it makes perfect sense as the lower fov is closer to the camera settings used for the show. :poly136:
  • Wildstyle
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    Wildstyle polycounter lvl 6
    Continued working on this, did some more work on the railing/walkway and added some more details to the metal parts.




    I'm almost ready to start on some of the smaller details in the scene.
    Thanks for having a look. Any C&C is welcome.
  • Wildstyle
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    Wildstyle polycounter lvl 6
    Another update on the scene, pretty much done with the building itself. Time to move on to all the props/furniture & screens.

    Here is the latest batch of WIP screenshots:

    Without lighting:



    Progress on the scene with lighting:




    Thanks for taking a look.
  • scotthomer
    Looking great so far Michel! Subbed :)
  • LMP
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    LMP polycounter
    Looks nice, but, try to get some color into that lighting as soon as possible. Some color contrast in the lighting will really make things start to stand out.
  • Wildstyle
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    Wildstyle polycounter lvl 6
    Thanks for the replies :)

    I agree the color of the lights should definitely pop a bit more and I plan to push it more in the direction of the reference material.

    There's also still a lot of things missing like smaller desk lights, computer screens and wall lighting that is behind the screens mounted on the wall.
    I'll keep tweaking as I move forward and will probably have to do some final tweaking once everything is in.
  • Wildstyle
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    Wildstyle polycounter lvl 6
    Hi all,

    It has been a few weeks since my last update on this but I've been working on some of the props so here is another update. Added multiple screen variations and some other workplace assets.




    The only thing left in the main area is the big display and the chairs. Which are next on the list.

    The lighting/colors & materials are not final. I'm hoping to transfer the scene to the new version of Cryengine with PBR once it releases.

    C&C are always welcome :) thanks for taking a look.
  • Hayden Zammit
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    Hayden Zammit polycounter lvl 9
    Looking pretty cool. Yeah, you definitely need to get some more lighting in there. That place was much more lighter in the show.
  • Wildstyle
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    Wildstyle polycounter lvl 6
    yeah, lighting is something I can easily waste an entire evening on going back and forth between lighter and darker etc. Which is why i'm saving it for the final tweaking. Still too much other stuff to do.

    In the series it depends quite a bit between episodes how bright it is. Sometimes they turn off the lightboxes on the ceiling, other times its very brightly lit. I guess in the end it will come down to finding a balance that looks best.
  • Wildstyle
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    Wildstyle polycounter lvl 6
    Quick update, did a bit of work on the chair that is used throughout the scene. One of the last props to be done in the main area. Here's a screen grab of the High Poly.



    Currently working on the LP and unwrapping.
  • e-freak
    nice chair michel - design looks awesome :)
  • Wildstyle
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    Wildstyle polycounter lvl 6
    Again, it has been a few months since the last update. But I've had a bit more time to work on the scene and I wanted to share some new images of the current state.

    Modeling/texturing in the main area is done, however.. this is still CryEngine 3.5 and some materials could really benefit from the BPR in 3.6 so I might transfer the scene to the new version soon.

    I work on this whenever I have time available and I will get this done at some point. Even if it is at a very slow pace :)





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