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I wanted to share some work in progress on a fan art scene that I started working on. Since I have a habit of not finishing personal stuff (which I want to change) I figured starting a thread might help me see this one through. This time I also picked something a bit more manageable and self-contained instead of a massive cityscape :\.

So, I'll be building a scene inspired/based on the most recent TV show Nikita from CW. (Not to be confused with "Le Femme Nikita" from back in the days).

It's the HQ of "Division", which is build in a refurbished missile facility. What interests me is that it's fairly clean, with some nice concrete architecture and interesting lighting.

Here's some reference pictures:

And here's some some whitebox to get things started:

Next steps will be to start refining the whitebox and get some tiling textures going. I'll keep posting as I move forward!



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