[UDK] Overgrown City

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So I have been pretty busy lately with this environment, and it is my first time doing outdoor environments, buildings and foliage. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do things to better myself and get more well-rounded.

Environment Story:
So the environment takes place on one of the City streets of a Abandoned City. Nature is starting to take over again, and is creeping in from the park across the street. The City was in middle of a 4th of July parade when it was suddenly abandoned.

I plan on having one to three screenshots for this environment, it will not be a fly-through map.

I will be updating the progress section and screenshots as I go :)


6/27 - I am currently working on small sections, and right now I am working from the right to left (from that screenshot) I am working on ivy and branches

NOTE: The large tree is not mine it is from UDK's selection of trees and I am using it for a placeholder until I make my own :)




I look forward to any critiques and suggestions, they are totally welcome! :)


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