TF2 Ideas.

to start getting my portfolio in better shape I am now trying to work on game assets. So I am trying to make stuff for Team Fortress 2 and hope they get submitted.

That being said I have never actually put anything in a game before or know the pipeline process of making Team Fortress Stuff.

But Here is a couple of Demoman items I made. The first based on his drinking habits and the last is a pump action grenade launcher based off the China Lake Model of Grenade Launchers.

I problem currently is I have noticed that a lot of guns in TF2 have curved down stocks to fit the characters hands. It is something I just realized, so I'm guessing I am going to have to import actual TF2 character models so I can get them to hold the guns? Or do I just run with it.

It would also be helpful for texture color schemes and whatnot when I get to that.




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