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TF2 Ideas.

to start getting my portfolio in better shape I am now trying to work on game assets. So I am trying to make stuff for Team Fortress 2 and hope they get submitted.

That being said I have never actually put anything in a game before or know the pipeline process of making Team Fortress Stuff.

But Here is a couple of Demoman items I made. The first based on his drinking habits and the last is a pump action grenade launcher based off the China Lake Model of Grenade Launchers.

I problem currently is I have noticed that a lot of guns in TF2 have curved down stocks to fit the characters hands. It is something I just realized, so I'm guessing I am going to have to import actual TF2 character models so I can get them to hold the guns? Or do I just run with it.

It would also be helpful for texture color schemes and whatnot when I get to that.




  • Pegabrony
    The first Demo 'nade gun is pretty damn hilarious.

    Don't forget you're going to have to sync the reload animations, too.
  • Lella48
    Strange Weapons Suggestions

    1) Strange weapons can have their style changed to the reskins of that weapon

    For example, if someone has a Strange Rocket Launcher, they should make it so that you can change the style to a Strange Original, and so on for other weapons. I think this would be nice, since Valve doesn't have to waste crates in the future by releasing reskins of weapons that are already strange.

    Further suggestion to this point: You can only equip that strange reskin if you have it in your backpack. So the value of stuff like the Big Kill or Mauls wouldn't plummet to the ground.

    2) Make Taunt kills count towards the kill counter (Do they count already? if so, disregard this idea)

    Obviously, this would only apply for the weapon in that tauntkill's slot. So the Strange Shotgun and Flare gun would rack up kills if you killed someone with the Hadouken taunt. They could be part of the same counter or have a separate counter just for the tauntkills, which i think would be better.
  • windex
    Guess the thread is old, but I love the top one. If you get time, you should work on it and submit it.
  • Andreas
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    Andreas polycounter lvl 11
    Put the tap on the other side of the barrel, where people can actually see it.
  • Zipfinator
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    Zipfinator polycounter lvl 9
    3,600 posts and you can't tell this is a dead thread? I'm disappointed, Andreas...
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