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Razorb polycounter lvl 12
Hey guys, over the past month or two me and my lovely partner in crime Oranghe! have been doing some art for a friends XBOX 360 game. He made his own engine! it now supports lightmaps, Alpha/Diffuse textures and soon to have Fog :)!
Oh and it used BSP as a base so NetRadiant was the tool of choice to get things going.

The game is a 2v2 or 4v4 FPS CTF type game with demo recording and really tight controls.

Here are some concepts that I started with!

My first environment concept! early on talking to the programmer it seemed quite obvious that he was inspired by team fortress/brink and mirrors edge! so I pulled some inspiration from them!

We planned to just make one character model with 2 textures, one for each team, this was were I got to after a few concepts.

And then the model, at the moment he is a bit... mashed together! and not optimised! but I think he is roughly about 4k tris and using one 1024 diffuse texture.
The full helmet is the main one.. the real head is from an old model, so I can just test out things! and the mask is just the helmet cut up!

This is the current stage of the warehouse level! still some things to fix! and up the lightmap resolution! I think its 512 for the entire level atm!

And the second level is the Art Gallery! this needs lots more done to it! like replacing the realistic brick texture with something more fitting with the style! plus spamming of more PIPES! :D oh and the same with lightmap resolution!

And finally I have just started on the weapon models! and will post an update on that later tomorrow! but for now here is 2 of the 3 weapon concepts!

More updates to come! sorry for the spam! we are kind of in a rush with this game! trying to get it finished ASAP as he wants to enter it into Dream Build Play aaaand the Develop conference is just around the corner and we need to get a video done for our own game Routine! really fun project so far though! just wish we had more time!

Thanks guys!


  • JamesWild
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    JamesWild polycounter lvl 8
    Don't increase the resolution of the lightmaps without adding some kind of filtering, either blurring or multisampling or you'll just have smaller artifacts.

    Otherwise VERY IMPRESSIVE looking if you can get a game running on that. They say there's the 90% of the job, then the other 90%.
  • Razorb
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    Razorb polycounter lvl 12
    Aye its already running! fully multiplayer on 360! and I will mention that to him for sure! thank you! not tooo worried about it atm!
  • ScudzAlmighty
    this is all severely awesome Razorb, any shots of the characters in game?
  • Oranghe
    Hey guy's! I've had the great honor and joy on working on my first game title! :D

    Also have the great honor of working with Razorb and Pete Exstatics creator.
    Heres some of the props i made during my time here :) Thanks to both for letting me tag along, learn t an awful amount and can't wait for some more with Routine and future projects! :D



    ScudzAlmighty: Yea Razorb will be rigging him very soon and the shots will follow!

    Thanks to everyone including Razorb and Pete! :D
  • daphz
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    daphz polycounter lvl 8
    this is SUPER DANK guys, sci fi with an awesome style. can't wait till we can play this!
  • benj666
    Loving this guys. Its really good. You three really work well together and cant wait to see the finished product.

    Petes an awesome programmer and cant wait to see him put this great art to use in game.

    Good work guys, you are my idols!

    Cant wait to see more!
  • afisher
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    afisher polycounter lvl 6
    Love the style! That warehouse level is looking pretty sexy. Can't wait to see some vids. Best of luck with it all!
  • wolver
    sick work, < 3 the barcode styled character
  • low odor
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    low odor polycounter lvl 13
  • nick2730
  • JasonLavoie
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    JasonLavoie polycounter lvl 12
  • megalmn2000
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    megalmn2000 polycounter lvl 10
    Very nice stuff! Just need to increase the lightmap resolution to a higher value and it's perfect! :)
  • Razorb
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    Razorb polycounter lvl 12
    Just finished the pistol model! unoptimised he is roughly 1.5k tris using a 1024 diffuse.

    I will probably come back to him once I have done the other 2 weapons! as I will learn more as I get more done, also I will probably need to unify them somewhat.


    daphz: Thanks man! LOOOOOVE the texturing on the new guy you did!
    Ben: hah! very kind matey! get updating ya thread! :D
    afisher: Thank you! much appreciated,yea i really prefer the warehouse for sure! i will give some more attention to the gallery soon! it needs it!
    paintforge: ahh! i wasnt sure to stick with that or not just yet! i may though! thank you!
    low odor, nick2730: cheers guys! D:
    JASON: absolutely love the new portfolio update! huge inspiration mate! OH HOW YOU HAVE GROWN! D:
    megalmn2000: haha far too kind! but yes! those lightmaps will be less retarded at the end for sure!

    Thanks everyone! Now onto the sniper rifle GOGOGO!
  • luke
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    luke polycounter lvl 9
    awome aaron! can't wait to see this in motion, beta invites for polycounters? :D
  • LoTekK
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    LoTekK polycounter lvl 12
    Enviro and props look great, but the character is what really does it for me. Pure, unadulterated sex.
  • Farfarer
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    Farfarer Polycount Sponsor
    Oh, man. I'm loving the style of these props/characters :D

    One tiiiny thing that's bugging the grammar nazi in me is that "Ion Supplys" should be "Ion Supplies" :x
  • CHON
    Lovely !
    & +1 luke :p
  • Oranghe
    Haha Talon i will apologize to Pete right away for mis spelling something and get right on that! I almost got away without a spelling mistake ;)

    Thanks for all the support everyone also :D
  • nicocabbalero
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    nicocabbalero polycounter lvl 12
    wow! well done this has come along way since I saw it at the start of last year
  • OniLolz
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    OniLolz polycounter lvl 8
    Pure awesomeness! Your textures are very charming:)
  • EiGHT
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    EiGHT polycounter lvl 8
    This is beautiful work Razorb!

    Gawd bless dem skillz son!
  • fearian
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    fearian Polycount Sponsor
    Holy shit! BSP flashbacks! :) Razorb, no exaggeration, you are my favourite artist on PC right now. Love everything you post and seeing your style imprinted on a game like this is great! Oranghe, those props are lovely! Subscribed to your sketchbook.
  • Neox
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    Neox ngon master
    man really cool work so far! love how styled everything looks, the character is really neat. I kinda feel the env could use a little more of the lose sketchy feel of your concept, i think it just feels to 3d compared to the rest.
  • d1ver
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    d1ver polycounter lvl 12
    I am exstatic!) this is so awesome.
    I would say the next thing you need is fake volumetric light at places and that fog to make those levels really pop.

    love, that style. can't wait for more ;0
    keep it up!
  • PDC
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    PDC polygon
    Amaaazingg!! Love that style, and the color choices. Big fan of your work and cant wait to see more of this game!
  • Jeff Parrott
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    Jeff Parrott polycounter lvl 15
    Love the work. Really nice style carried through all the art. That's rare for indie games.
  • Farfarer
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    Farfarer Polycount Sponsor
    Oranghe wrote: »
    Haha Talon i will apologize to Pete right away for mis spelling something and get right on that! I almost got away without a spelling mistake ;)
    Haha, I feel like a dick for even mentioning it in the midst of all this awesome.

    I agree with Neox in that the environments lack the "large brush strokes" feel that the props/character does. I'd love to see more of that in the level itself, pushed a bit more to that original concept from the first post.

    Or maybe use the lightmap UVs to throw some big strokes into an overlay texture across the whole environment.
  • Hawt Koffee
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    Hawt Koffee polycounter lvl 7
    this is just too rad
    can we see some wire frames and UV's if that's not too much trouble? :)
    I've always loved studying other peoples topology
  • aobond
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    aobond polycounter lvl 7
    great stuff guys, especially love the character

    show us moar :o
  • leleuxart
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    leleuxart polycounter lvl 8
    Love the style! Looking forward to seeing more, especially environment and assets(concept/model/in engine). Are the level shots in the custom engine? It looks really good. I feel like there needs to be some sort of bloom or emphasis on lighting though. The first and third shots would really "pop" with a little bloom(not UT3 style though, just enough to make the lighting feel brighter).

    Looking forward to seeing more and playing!
  • Razorb
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    Razorb polycounter lvl 12
    Just SORT of finished the sniper! I missed some things out I am sure of it! but I am too tired to continue at the moment! same specs as the pistol!


    Also for anyone interested! here is the programmers blog! he needs to update it though! hehe! www.grabtheflag.com <3!

    luke: Hey mate! the updates on your site are awesome! definitely a source of inspiration :) and I will see what I can do about the beta's! I have never even gone online with my xbox! so I don't know how that works :D I will ask ze programmer!
    LoTekK:!! hah thanks dude! I am always surprised when people like any character models that I mash together! thank you!
    CHON: <3!
    nicocabbalero: you perve! :D thank you!
    OniLolz: very kind sir!
    EiGHT: hah thank you! you're still kickin arse with those characters!
    fearian: BSPPPPPPPPPPP! :D you are FAR too kind mate! I reaaaally appreciate the kind words! IM BLUSHING! :D GOOO also! your stream is cool mate!
    Neox: Very very kind words coming from you! :P massive fan over here! and yea I agree! I really struggled trying to tie in the same style! in the end I wanted to try and push some form of extreme contrast! using stylised hand painted characters and weapons mixed in with semi realistic environment textures! but that went out of the window when I was a bit short on time! agreed tho! my bad I got a bit sloppy and tired :(
    d1ver: Thanks dude! once the lens flare stuff is properly implemented! I will really give that a shot! I have a few ideas! D:
    PDC: LOVE your folio dude! colours, style, sex all over! :D very nice! thank you! :D
    jeffro: thank you matey!
    Hawt Koffee: I will put some up soon enough! its nothing great to look at.. honestly most of the work was done quite fast! but I have just worked for like 12 hours straight with no break! :D haha thank you! I WONT FORGET YOU!
    aobond: <3! more to come when I do it! its just me left now as an artist! MY GIRLFRIEND ABANDONED ME! hehe thank you.
    leleuxart: yea the shots are in a custom engine! Pete the programmer made on his own, he did mention he may potentially get some bloomage on the go! only time will tell! ehehe thank you! I agree on pushing the hot spots of the lighting out some more! really make it bleeed! :D thank you!
    Talon: pretty cool idea with the lightmap UV's but its all completely automated in terms of how its layed out! I don't have any control ;( and yea I will post some experiments I did with texture styles in my next post, I did experiment for sure as I went for that first! it just didn't look very cool when contrasting with the player! blended in too much imo ;( Massive thanks for the kind words mate! STOP PICKING ON ORANGHE! hahaha spelling fail :D
  • wretchedgoat
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    wretchedgoat polycounter lvl 8
    the style is great, love the character models and this new sniper rifle!
  • seth.
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    seth. polycounter lvl 10
    facking awesome, love the style... looking forward to moar!!
  • konstruct
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    konstruct polycounter lvl 13
    SO badass. I love the way the 3d end product speaks to the blunt nature of the concept.
  • Avanthera
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    Avanthera polycounter lvl 10
    Niiiice! really digging the chunkiness of everything! Love the square armored bits on the character!
  • Razorb
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    Razorb polycounter lvl 12
    wretchedgoat: Weeooo thank you!
    seth: ! massiiveeee fan of pigface! D: thank you!
    konstruct: Thank you dude! you have great designs! I really connect with the stuff you come up with <3!
    shrew81: thank you kind sir! CHUNKY FTW!

    Quick mash together with this concept! based on a gun that already exists! just made it a bit more simple and rigid!

    I did have more of these! but I cant seem to find at the minute! once I do I will post, as these 3 are not great examples! but I did kind of like the rape of filters over a photo texture! sad times!

    There are not many single elements that look good on their own! but here are a few textures for those who wanted to see! ;( sorry to dissapoint!

    Thanks again everyone for the support! getting a bit tired of guns at the moment! may move onto the second character variant!
  • felipefrango
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    felipefrango polycounter lvl 9
    Man I love the texturing on this, everything looks so painterly. Those environment shots feel a bit bland but I assume you've barely started on set dressing and proper lighting I can't even imagine how awesome everything will be when it's tied together. Kudos!
  • Razorb
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    Razorb polycounter lvl 12
    felipefrango: got any advice on set dressing and lighitng? ;(
  • jjsuperspy
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    jjsuperspy polycounter lvl 8
    awesome textures and concepts that you have done and got any tips for doing the same textures that you kind of do, such as the settings you use for the textures, resolution, brushes etc. and i really love the last two the door looking texture and the sheet of metal texture and the gun concept reminds me of something from Brink which is a game that i really like :D:D:D
  • spiderDude
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    spiderDude polycounter lvl 8
    I like the feel of those armored characters
  • StephenVyas
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    StephenVyas polycounter lvl 15
    Looks like some fun stuff going on here.
    Still looking for an animator?
    (have example animations in my http://gplus.to/vyas account, under videos)
  • felipefrango
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    felipefrango polycounter lvl 9
    Razorb wrote: »
    felipefrango: got any advice on set dressing and lighitng? ;(

    Hm, I ain't no environment artist but I think you could push colors, shadows and the overall composition a bit more. I actually like that first scene, those red hues from the beams and how it contrasts with the green lighting coming from that door and the cool lighting from the vending machine. The other one is what struck me as a bit generic. I mean, I know it's supposed to be an office space but still, you could push some drama and story in it so it fits with the rest which is so stylized. I like the lighting being cast from the overhead windows, perhaps making it hotter and contrasting with a cooler ambient lighting? You do it really well in your illustrations, I think that if you approach your environment compositions in a similar way you approach them the results could be interesting.
  • Razorb
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    Razorb polycounter lvl 12
    Just finishing up a few things! grenades and the odd gun etc!


    jjsuperspy: hmmmm, for this I mainly used a hard squarish brush with some form of texture overlay! one of Photoshops default chalk brushes would be a good start, and let the tablet control the opacity with pen pressure, not the size.. and thats about it! thank you btw!

    spiderDude: thank you!

    StephenVyas: <3! yea I think you talked with Pete already! thanks dude.

    felipefrango: yea for sure! I think I got a bit lazy with lighting as it takes soooooooo long to bake :( there is no lighting preview either! so its bake and pray! ;( but ya I will make sure I pump up the warmth in the sun light! and pop out the blues probably more in the environment! thank you for the feedback! much appreciated.
  • Sebeuroc
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    Sebeuroc polycounter lvl 9
    Looks awesome, great work! I love the texturing style. Thanks for posting!
  • ChaosEidolon
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    ChaosEidolon polycounter lvl 14
    Ah sweet!! Usually my eyes glaze over when I see 3d fps guns, but this kicks ass! I love the style man, awesome.
  • Daven
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    Daven greentooth
    God, sign me up. I'll work for free
  • Joseph Silverman
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    Joseph Silverman polycounter lvl 14
    suburbbum wrote: »
    God, sign me up. I'll work for free

    yeah this is enviably stylish and gorgeous. Like everything you seem to kick out!
  • Autocon
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    Autocon polycounter lvl 12
    Absolutely love the stylish texture work going on, fantastic!
  • LoTekK
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    LoTekK polycounter lvl 12
    I have such a massive art boner right now.
  • SentryTheGod
    LoTekK wrote: »
    I have such a massive art boner right now.

    Ditto! I love it!
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