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Hey guys, over the past month or two me and my lovely partner in crime Oranghe! have been doing some art for a friends XBOX 360 game. He made his own engine! it now supports lightmaps, Alpha/Diffuse textures and soon to have Fog :)!
Oh and it used BSP as a base so NetRadiant was the tool of choice to get things going.

The game is a 2v2 or 4v4 FPS CTF type game with demo recording and really tight controls.

Here are some concepts that I started with!

My first environment concept! early on talking to the programmer it seemed quite obvious that he was inspired by team fortress/brink and mirrors edge! so I pulled some inspiration from them!

We planned to just make one character model with 2 textures, one for each team, this was were I got to after a few concepts.

And then the model, at the moment he is a bit... mashed together! and not optimised! but I think he is roughly about 4k tris and using one 1024 diffuse texture.
The full helmet is the main one.. the real head is from an old model, so I can just test out things! and the mask is just the helmet cut up!

This is the current stage of the warehouse level! still some things to fix! and up the lightmap resolution! I think its 512 for the entire level atm!

And the second level is the Art Gallery! this needs lots more done to it! like replacing the realistic brick texture with something more fitting with the style! plus spamming of more PIPES! :D oh and the same with lightmap resolution!

And finally I have just started on the weapon models! and will post an update on that later tomorrow! but for now here is 2 of the 3 weapon concepts!

More updates to come! sorry for the spam! we are kind of in a rush with this game! trying to get it finished ASAP as he wants to enter it into Dream Build Play aaaand the Develop conference is just around the corner and we need to get a video done for our own game Routine! really fun project so far though! just wish we had more time!

Thanks guys!


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