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Ninja Woman And Dragon WIP

Hey guys, first post/thread on the PolyCount forums!

I've been looking around it for ages and just never got around to signing up, theres been some amazing art work!

Ok so I decided to start creating a new portfolio piece. I want it to be possible to put in game (to show off my low poly modelling skill as well as high poly). so will be following the work flow of: concept -> base mesh (3ds max) -> high poly (zbrush) -> low poly (3ds max).

My Scene will be of a ninja-ish/woman with a sword with a dragon behind her (the dragon is kinda her persona... if that makes any sense).

I'm going to upload my concepts in a minute or so, because I want to see what details you reckon should be in and shouldn't be (im no concept artist though so I'm not looking for critique at this stage.

Hmmm think i'm nearly finished on the sculpting side...

Updated this post with a couple of the latest screenshots:

th_dragon_alpha1.jpg th_dragon_Alpha2.jpg

th_dragon_alpha3.jpg th_dragon_alpha4.jpg


  • r_fletch_r
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    r_fletch_r polycounter lvl 9
    Welcome! post the pic allready :)
  • DrunkShaman
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    DrunkShaman polycounter lvl 13
    hmmh....Welcome to the Polycount here you will find the desired tips and crits to have a firm grip of you 2d and 3d art skills.
  • fyran
    Sorry I didn't post the pic sooner, took longer than I thought for the moderators to check my first post :). Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

    remember! I'm no concept artist but here goes *gulp*


    Thubmnail was tiny so I put in the full size, because polycount has auto resizing afaik...

    What I would like to know is what elements I should put in and what I shouldn't. I want something that will be a challenge to model and make people go Wow would you look at that! ^^

    Also remember shes facing the camera and there will be a dragon behind her. I aim to make it turntable ofc but I think the initial camera shot tells you a lot about the mood im going for.
  • Baj Singh
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    Baj Singh polycounter lvl 9
    If you trying to take the Ninja approach away from the traditional black garbs and shuriken, then it might be worth checking out some of the art from games such as Heavenly Sword for inspiration. From your concept, it looks as though thats the direction your going in.

    Also, her sword at the moment looks too small. Try something like this:

  • marlfox8
    looks good. i like the costume
  • fyran
    This is what I went for in the end:

  • fyran
    So I started doing the base meshes of the woman and the dragon behind her. heres where ive got to so far...
    Been a slow process since I've been busy, mainly repairing the house and packing to move to a new house.

  • Will Faucher
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    Will Faucher polycounter lvl 12
    I would suggest you model the character in a standard, easy to model pose. Skin and rig it afterwards. Makes the task alot easier, especially for the dragon. Otherwise, it looks like a good start! :)
  • Chornohus
    I agree your proxy's have a awesome pose but modeling in a standard pose would be easier, buut whatever works for you. Should be awesome cant wait to see
  • fyran
    Hey guys, thought I would update this,
    I've not been doing anything on it the last few months because I moved house, didn't get the internet for a while, my tablet broke and I was working overtime at work.

    So yesterday I picked it up again and will be working on it in my spare time (which isn't very much at the moment :( )
    And I took in the advice of putting my proxy in a better pose for when I port it into zbrush.

    After a couple of hours in 3ds max and then a bit of time in zbrush heres what I've got so far:

  • fyran
    Hey guys thought I would post a quick update before work... "want to buy more time" to work on this thing :(

    added some detail to the helm (i wanted it to be a twisted metal crown like thing, but this reminds me more of ivory)


    and also shaped and added detail to the feet (think the back claws are off a bit :( )

  • mkandersson
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    mkandersson polycounter lvl 7
    That dragon is looking bad ass! Me like!
  • fyran
    That dragon is looking bad ass! Me like!

    Thanks dude... not getting much time to work on it though :(

    did a little engraving on the back of the saddle... I like the bit right at the back, but the head board piece looks a little shit imho :(


    anyone got any better ideas?
  • fyran
    Hmmm think i'm nearly finished on the sculpting side...

    Heres a couple of screenshots:





    The bits on the tail are armour.

    Looking for any feed back before I low poly the hell out of this thing :)
  • ru4it
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    ru4it polygon
    before you finalize the dragon give him some more bulk in chest area so that it looks proportionate to the arms.
    but the rest of him looks excellent.
  • fyran
    Yeah I see what you mean. I'll give it a look but it will have to be after the weekend :(

    I've got work now, a wedding alllllllll day tommorrow followed by a 14.5 hour shift on sunday... >_<
  • Sukotto
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    Sukotto polycounter lvl 8
    This is more personal preference than anything but since the woman is a ninja I would think the dragon would be more like an Asian dragon, thats not to say your dragon isn't awesome, I just feel a disconnect between the two. Perhaps just give the dragon some Asian styled armor?
  • fyran
    Right now the assistant manager is back off of his holidays I may get a lot more free time to finish this! I've started to low poly the dragon's head.

    Also on the disconnection that has grown between the ninja idea and dragon sculpt, I propose to either have the dragon as its own model or change the woman...
  • fyran
    Hmmm quick pic to update this thread... I need to allocate more time to this. I always seem to be busy with life though >_< and my job constantly shifts me from night shifts to day shifts which messes up my sleep patterns.

    anyways, I have the saddle to do and the rings but hes pretty much all there, he's at about 14k triangles at the moment, Once all the pieces are there I will start to lower this even further, since I think 14k might be a bit much. I think want to hit some where between 10k-12k for all pieces (maybe less if I can).


    thinking on whether or not I should do one large map or two. I reckon two 2048*2048 should do.
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