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STRIKER polycounter lvl 9
We'll start by just drawing a piece everyday, and it can be digital or traditional. Then we'll start to work in some sweet themes to challenge ourselfs! ex. robots, chicks etc.
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  • Stinger88
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    Stinger88 polycounter
    Experimenting drawing on glossy photo printing paper which has some unique properties
    • Cant use pencil to sketch - forces committing to inks straight away
    • Ink dries quickly and is a rich black
    • using markers over ink lines can only take one or two passes before it pulls the ink off the paper, which can give a cool effects (need to experiment more with this)
    • Light reflections can give nice texture effects using different ink types.
    Anyway, its fun and forces you to commit to lines. I'll be doing more of this, got loads of spare photo printing paper.

  • Meriem
  • VictorSantos
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    VictorSantos polycounter lvl 8
    Thanks ErikNilsson, haha! Totally, I'm having a phase these days =)
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