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TreeGen, a 3DS Max script that generates cheap realtime trees.

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Ryan Smith polycounter lvl 11
Hey guys, This is the thread for my TreeGen script. It's a free 3DS Max script that I thought i'd share with you all. It's the fruit of my MaxScript learning binge which i've been learning in my free time.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-7dsXVqP_Y"]TreeGen MAXScript - YouTube[/ame]

You can download the TreeGen Beta v0.97 here!

Here is a quick set of instructions for using the script.

To install: drag and drop the script into the max viewport. then go to Customize>CustomizeUserInterface, and you can find the script under the category "Tree Generator" just set a hotkey and you're good to go!

Adding Leaves: The script uses user selected leaf mesh, in which the position of the pivot point must be at the base of the leaf mesh, and the Z axis has to be pointing down the direction of the branch, and the Y axis should be pointing THROUGH the mesh, if that makes sense... you'll see that your leaf meshes look a bit strange on the branch if you don't do this.

Adding Materials: You add a material to the branch meshes by choosing one with the "Choose Bark Material" button in the bottom left.

I've noticed that sometimes the script will start to chug. I'm not sure why it does this, but that's why we have a beta! And that's also why i opened sourced it!

PS - If the script breaks and just delete your tree and restart the script and try not to do what you did until i fix it. Also, don't forget bug report!

Here is a screen shot of the UI in case anyone has any reference questions on it. TreeGenUI.jpg



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