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Greentooth Sightings in Videogames

polycounter lvl 18
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adam polycounter lvl 18
If you spot a surreptitiously placed Greentooth in a videogame, take a screen shot and share it here.

  • Please only post legit videogame screenshots.
  • Please only post legit Greentooth's. Similar or "close enough" designs don't count.
  • Please attach images rather than linking externally, so they stay for posterity sake.
  • Please cite the game and the location within the game the screen shot was taken from, for context.
  • Please don't post shots that could be construed as spoilers.
A large Greentooth PNG file is attached here. You can use Greentooth in anything, in pretty much any way you like. It's a creative commons logo available for the community.


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