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XCOM 2 Art dump

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Hi all!
For now I think this will be a single person thread as I don't believe anyone else have shots ready for the art dump.

Hopefully some of the other artist on the project decid (PLEASE DO!) to join, in which case I shall edit the name of this thread later (is that even possible!).

It was a real amazing project to work on and the team was truly amazing.
Shout out to my lead Chris Sulzbach and the Art director Greg Foertsch with whom I worked closely on this project.

I worked as a freelancer on the project for about a year.

I was responsible for the creation of a variety of characters, costumes, heads and haircuts.

Some Basemeshes, Base sculpt, topology used in the creation of those asset were provided to me by Firaxis Games.

The models shown here might differ slightly from the actual game model.

Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2

<3 thank you


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