LP730 Project

New computer parts in - built up, and working! So I spent this weekend starting a new project testing out my new setup - Iteration time has increased due to quicker previewing so I'm working less for more, so needless to say I am very happy with it so far :)

So this is a new car design I did, calling it "Prototype LP730", building completely from creating interesting lines and following the forms, with having looked through some of my car reference before starting. Lots of iterations went on because of this, but I'm happy with where it's come.

So I've got the main car high pretty much done - I'll probably tweak a few areas moving some verts around as I play with adding some more weird goods on it (which I've started). My inspiration for this is wanting to create a more readable post apocalyptic vehicle. So I want to scratch and dent it up (mudbox fun!) and make a variation with accessories, but also keeping bigger forms from becoming too busy.

The plan is to build this from high to low to textures and materials, and then playing with some presentation - and hopefully learn some workflow improvements in the process. I hope to finish this project before the holidays coming up, I'll keep this thread as up to date as I can.

Low and Textured 11/22

Hey thanks guys! I've been hard at work on this guy and got it all low'd bake'd and texture'd. Love the new speed again for material iterations, I'm happy with how this turned out.. I could do the additions I talked about, but I also feel like this guy might get a little lonely by himself.... maybe he needs a friend?...









New Renders 11/17





More renders/pics here: LP730 Renders


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