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Soooo after a good decade we have removed the dust of this very special project that sorta kickstarted many of our careers.
I am happy to call many of the people we worked with back then my friends and colleagues. It has been quite a ride.


Follow me to the last page for the latest updates



Here is where the history lesson starts:


As we are moving closer to our first demo, i thought it might be time to start a dump for all our stuff over here...

So first of all what is Airbørn (not Airborne, more like born in the air, with a propeller as the o, awsum isn't it? :D)?
Airborn is a universe we are working for well, humm... quite some time i think 2 of us started experimenting with the world in 2006 maybe late 2005 i'm not sure, so it went quite a long way from the first ideas and artworks to what it is now.
Airborn plays in a steampunkish (sort off early industrial, more brutal then the fine victorian steampunk) world quite a while after the World collapsed from over exploitation.

Our first Demo will take place in a story around Piño (he got the name after he was designed, as at first his projectname was just "boy" and a lot of people said "oh he looks just like Pinocchio" and also posta and niño - courier boy)
it's been done with Unreal Tournament 3, we created almost every asset from ground up, as the unreal assets didn't help us much (as opposed to some other mods that are way further but can reuse assets, like animations, shader etc) the only assets we reused are sounds, but even those will be replaced if we win at least a little amount of money at MSUC ;)

http://nonpublic.airbørn.de/wip/neox/boy01/09.jpg an earlier design from 2006
outlines5.jpgnewer image should update to the latest build but i'm too lazy :P we worked on the colors and changed some details
boy_04.jpg the zbrush sculpt

he wants to be a postman just like his father was (more about that story part later ;) ), he is living with his grandparents


only one of them is modelled yet.


the first demo will take place on one small part of his home island, the harbour of said island


we are currently working to get the rough framework to be ready to add more
environment and gameplay, so the first demo will mostly be just about the artdirection, you will be able to walk around look at stuff, do some veeeeeeeery basic gameplay (really not much, so don't expect too much).

so i guess i just opened a junk yard for all our stuff, going to post a brief history of the enemy design later in a seperate post, i guess this is enough for now to give an overview.

you can see some of the other stuff over at moddB:



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