My first post here | various stuff (750kb)


rather new here although I've been a lurker for the past 3 years.

Some stuff I have been doing for the last year, with great long pauses since I am studying computer science.

Mortal Kombat Fan Art

Larger Version


Some contracted work for a RPG campaign setting here in Iceland

Would greatly appreciate some crits, especially on the MK painting.


  • Thermidor
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    Thermidor polycounter lvl 11
    they all look nice , allthough some proportions and pose issues on the MK painting, it also lacks shadow and depth in its tone.

    like i say tho , nicely crafted
  • avalean
  • Artreth
    Thanks for the reply.

    I had similar comments from my friends concerning the color scheme of the MK painting, a bit garish colors that make it a little too cartoony.
    I also have some problems with skin tones, either make them too soft and fuzzy or something more similar to the skin here. Maybe a matter of style.

    Avalean: Jamm, en annar andskotans
  • Steve Schulze
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    Steve Schulze polycounter lvl 15
    Scorpion seems to be lacking a thumb on his upper hand. Looks almost like he's got his left hand on the end of his right arm.

    EDIT:On closer inspection its just a really confusing pose. If you were going to go back and work on this it'd probably be worth accentuating the lower knuckle on his thumb or something. It does appear really strange when you first look at it.

    GOt some nice looking stuff there though. The second fella down is looking rather nice.
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