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Painting / brush controls with GIMP

polycounter lvl 13
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GarageBay9 polycounter lvl 13

I switched to GIMP from Photoshop because, first, frak Adobe, and second, I ditched Windows for Linux a year ago (works pretty slick!). Getting CS6 to run under WINE wasn't too bad, but getting it to play nice with tablet pressure (either my Intuos 3 or my Huion Kamvas)... not so much.

I've got the keyboard shortcut pack that switches GIMP around to mostly use PS hotkeys, and I've got most of what I need working, but I'm trying to find an equivalent to the color jitter controls in PS, where you could set saturation, hue, and purity variance either per stroke or per tip. It's a beautifully simple way to get some nice natural tonal variation. GIMP has something sort of similar but it jitters along a gradient that either uses predefined colors or a gradient using the foreground and background swatches. That's... not exactly what I'm after.

Yep, I RTFM, nope, I didn't find anything. Might be the brain damage after Covid. Anyway.

Somebody help and hook a pixelante up?


  • iam717
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    iam717 greentooth

    krita is neat, when i was going to make a switch also (still might) i got as many "free" or helpful applications to test before taking the plunge and that one was nice, so i am just here to mention an alternative or additional to your gimp. Can not help with anything else.

  • GarageBay9
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    GarageBay9 polycounter lvl 13

    Ok, so I just did apt install krita and this thing is freaking amazing.

    Even my wife is geeking out playing with it on her tablet (it has an Android version).

    Holy crap, thanks, my dude.

  • iam717
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    iam717 greentooth

    Awesome news :) yeah the layer settings is pretty extensive, its hard to remember it all but pretty cool, :) made me happy to hear it works out for peeps, looking forward to more artworks.

    Edit: not free

    There is another one i wanted to play more with, but it is only drawing based, idk how to use the layers too well, but it is called Mischief its an endless quality application, so you can go into it forever pretty much, i'D love some kind of combination between this and krita it would be the ultimate tool for us i think (who love to draw or noodle.) Just wanted to share that one also. edit#2: put art application to the name to find it easier.
  • okidoki
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    okidoki polycounter lvl 2


    you might want to look into:

    .. it's free and it seems to have an endless canvas.. no endless zoom but if you zoom out to the max first.. then this might be enough.. (or there might be some settings..).

    It also can "record" the drawing process in some way... to be honest i didn't used it for a while after i switched to Krita (and it also wasn't installed in my actual linux.. but thanks to Appimages... ) .. hmm :thinking: (( <-- couldn't select smileys properly lately ?? )) and also using the Gimp a bit more lately (because some things changed (handleing) in Krita a bit which were originally the reason why i liked it more than Gimp.. actually Gimp advanced a lot)...

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