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Metahuman hair textures

Hello guys,

I am trying to make hair using metahuman workflow. I already created groom via Houdini and generated Cards. How I am struggling with textures.

There are for Cards: Depth, Coverage, Tangent, Attribute, Auxilary Data and Material texture.

  1. Depth texture - looks like some Height map. Is that correct?
  2. Coverage texture - allright that is something I understand
  3. Tangent texture - I am not sure about this one. When I see their tangent texture, it looks like Object Space Normal. But in older shader they used Flow texture. So is this tangent texture Flow texture? How can I get this texture when I dont want to use their baker?
  4. Attribute texture - I see here 4 channels (RGBA). B - looks like darker parts are in roots of hair. R,G and A -Dont know which information they carry.
  5. Auxilary Data - absolutely dont know how this texture may looks like.

Documentation for this is really sad so I came here for some more informations from artists. Thank you.


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