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How to transition from an architecture firm to design 3D models for videogames? Entry level jobs?

I have a master's degree in architecture, worked in the field for 2 years and I'm hating it. During that phase I did a lot of research to learn more about myself and specifically what I like to do at work and what I do not like to do. Turns out I only enjoy creating 3D models. Not just buildings but also tiny household items too. The 3D industry looks immensely more life-fulfilling than the job I have now.

I'm starting to learn Maya and substance painter. I'm WAY too early to be looking for jobs as I'm barely learning Maya, but I do like to plan ahead. When I get inspiration from Artstation, it is hard to be motivated because you're looking at people who have years and years of experience on top of you. Trying my best to make my new portfolio as presentable as possible.

As I'm learning the program I've been trying to see how I can find ENTRY LEVEL jobs? I have see maybe 2 entry level jobs on artstation, or linkedin, or ziprecruiter since I started learning Maya last month. How does one start in this industry? I'm in Los Angeles so you'd think it would be easy, but it turns out, it is not. Most jobs that are 3D environmentalist jobs require 3 years of experience with AAA game work. And for level design jobs, it requires scripting/code knowledge? Hopefully I can land a simple 3D modeler job. I'm open to literally anything to get my foot in the door.

Any advice is appreciated, thank you!

And here's a couple unfinished models I'm working on. My goal is to have a few more simple models, then I'll work on bigger personal projects like 3D modeling the place where I live? I think I have to have at least 1 building modeled in Maya in my portfolio.


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