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[WIP] Genshin Impact - Ruin Serpent

polycounter lvl 4
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MakotoKacun polycounter lvl 4

Wanna Create & Model Ruin Serpent from Scratch for my Portfolio . Anyway here the reference I be using. Also wanna add some of my touch to it maybe will try a BPR version too see how it may look.

But So far only did the blocking of it. Gonna slowly touch on the detail shape later on.


  • MakotoKacun
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    MakotoKacun polycounter lvl 4

    Add more detail to the model. Need to find time to research how to do a nice Drill for it. Else I just use the Helix & Lattice technique.

    Gonna Rest abit for this first and settle my new Resume stuff first for better opportunity~

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