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How to unwrap this object?

Hi all. Today i faced a problem with this guitar. I was searching the Internet for the answer but i didnt get it. How can i unwrap the body of the guitar properly?

The object is perfectly scaled for UE4, so the scale is ok.

The body has 60 TD/cm on the 2nd image(using 4K texture), definitely the TD that i need. So, i cant scale it, cant separate it on parts and cant use 8k textures. I can unwrap all the body to 0-1 UV space, but the TD will be ~40, its too small.

The next step is baking and texturing. I was thinking about UDIMS, but i dont really wanna use UDIMS. What should i do in this situation if i want to keep 60 TD? How would you unwrap this kinda object? Is there any ways to unwrap it properly w/o UDIMS?


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