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Tankhead Stug V Destroyer - Completed

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np1094 polycounter lvl 4

My next work after the mammut tank head which you can find here https://www.artstation.com/artwork/vJ4xXO

Another concept of Emerson Tung https://www.artstation.com/artwork/aRwvYk

It is one thing to know you need to do blockout, it quite another to understand and do it right. I disable all modifier and bevel/chamfer edges so I can make sweeping and big changes fast that doesn't bog down my PC too much. Once the proportions are in place, it is much easier to do clean up and refine, with small changes on the joints.

The previous work help me a lot on making joints easier and understand form and function better. 

The back give me a bit of trouble, so I look up some tank references and analyze videos. Instead of hanging the engine on the outside, I decide on a much more simple less is more approach, with an engine compartment and a couple of plated shield. This is the final base model with some refinement on the arms and legs. 


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