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FYP: Viking village

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HI! this thread will be documenting my Final year project at Staffordshire university and hopefully help provide me with the opportunity to receive some feedback, outside of the university :D

For my FYP I am going to be using a concept by Nikolay Razuev from 2014 called Viking village (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Gamyz)

Progress so far:

First pass blockout:

Blacksmiths area (Using assets form an unfinished project last year, hopefully ill get the opportunity to finish it this time)

Materials created so far (Made in designer and rendered in ue4, No POM or tess in the renders)

Current master material using RGB masks and a second unwrap channel to maintain a 1024 Texel density:

Currently my RGB Mask setup uses:

Red: Edge Highlights

Blue: TBD

Green: AO

I then blend this with a simple tillable which uses my second unwrap channel to maintain a Texel density of 1024x1024p/m

I then additionally vertex lend moss onto the material which utilised POM.

Also the moss is using POM in the master material.

Main shot currently:

(Haven't really done a proper lighting pass yet)

Dragon head piece:

Any feedback for this project would be both welcomed and massively appreciated! :D


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