WAYWO usage

We thought this would be a pretty clear little bit of netiquette, but perhaps it could be spelled out better.

In the What Are You Working On threads lately, we've been seeing single posts with a ton of images in them. Or posts with very large not-well compressed images. 

We think this is a bit selfish, and not in keeping with the intent of the WAYWOs.


Too many big images make these threads too slow to load for too many people.

The point of posting in a shared thread is to share a quick update of whatever you're working on. You only need one image to do this. If you want to show more images, or to ask for feedback, please make your own thread for this. 

Embed a single image/video/sketchfab with a link to your thread so people can go see more of your great artwork. Your own thread also allows us to frontpage your work more easily, and to get your work into the banner up top. 

One embed means one image, or one video, or one 3d viewer like Sketchfab, one SoundCloud audio player, etc.

If you upload a JPG to Polycount we want it under 1000x1000 resolution so it will be an acceptable file size. It doesn't matter what compression you save as, since the uploaded image is re-compressed by our server. This is done for security purposes, to scrub metadata, get rid of weird headers, etc. So then, 1000x1000 JPGs end up around 500kb which is an acceptable size. 

If you embed an animated GIF it should be less than 2 mb.

If you use an external image host (Imgur, Blog, etc.) then your still image must be less than 500 kb. 

Breaking these rules may cause merciless editing by a Moderator (spoiler, delete, etc.)

Threads With Embed Limits

Make Your Thread Artwork Easy to View

The following is from "Information about Polycount & New member introductions" which applies to images you put into your own thread.

Please be considerate of our viewers on mobile. Also, the longer people have to wait for your images to load, the less likely your work is going to be seen. 
  • If your images are more than 1MB each, they're too big.
  • Downsize images to 1600 or less before attaching or embedding.
  • JPG compression is a good tradeoff in size vs. quality.
  • PNG format often makes very large image files. PNG works well if the image is mostly large areas of flat color. However, saving a JPG converts a 8MB PNG down to a less than 500kb JPG, and looks virtually identical.
  • It's also a good idea to brand your images, so people who download or share your images can find you later. For more info see Your Portfolio Repels Jobs and the wiki Portfolio page.

Thanks for your consideration in this. In the end this makes the WAYWOs more friendly to repeat viewers, which in turn increases your visibility. This also improves your own personal threads, which means people are less likely be impatient for image loading and exit your thread before seeing your artwork.

It's all good!


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