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Should I straighten my UVs or not?

I recently learned that straightening our UVs is a good thing to as it reduces seams and helps in better UV space utilization. I tried the same on a model that I am working on and now I am a bit confused over is it really better to gridify my UVs or to divide them differently.

I tried both methods:

  1. Less seams and straightened - Had more distortions but space utilization was good
  2. More seams and automatic layout - No distortion but space utilization was bad

If you were presented these two layouts, which one would you say is better?

Front side (Gridified UVs)

Back side (Gridified UVs)

Straightened UVs with less seams and more distortion

Front side (more seams)

Back side (more seams)

more seams but no distortion


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