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One mesh or many meshes?

Hi everyone,

I'm curious about retopo for gaming. I've seen a lot of videos on YouTube about people doing retopo for games but most of them are speed up videos. I can pick up a lot of information from them but there is one question that keeps messing up my head and that is.... when you do retopo for games does the entire characater have to be in one mesh? or it can be many meshes.

It seems to me that people usually model top half boby into one mesh and then lower half into another mesh. is there a particular reason for that? is it like a rule of thumb? does it has to do with rigging in games?

If I build a charcter using many meshes and I rig it and then I bake the animations into the character (after fixing all the possible problems and distortions that I can come across) to later on imported into a game engine like Unreal for example will it work?

I appreciate A LOT! any advised or information.

and my apologies for any grammar error or bad english in here hehe

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