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Help pls!

polycounter lvl 7
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andreygheorghe polycounter lvl 7

Hi guys!Long time not posting here....Anyway,i try to model a stylized cat,thing is it seems to me it doesn't look like a cat so far.Can you help me out by pointing some changes i need to do to make it look more...well,like a cat?I have to mention it has to be a ninja,so the mask must stay.Thanks!


  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G polycounter lvl 4


    Maybe take a step back and reconsider the general proportions and construction. I recommend doing overpaints in a 2d application while checking out 3d references on sketchfab to see how other artists made the stylization and solved certain problems.

    Push more stylization and planes, also work out shapes better - e.g. eyes are just wrapped to head

    Posture: standing on ball of feet, slightly leaning forward, balancing with tail?

    Good Luck!

  • vincentbruneau

    Make the ears a little bit shorter and the base the widest part of the ears. Then you will got an instantly recognizable "cartoonish" cat

  • andreygheorghe
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    andreygheorghe polycounter lvl 7

    Thanks for tips,I got some great ideas from you.I really like the tapered body and the front siluette looks good with that head.I don't think i will make the planes on it that sharp tho,i aim for something cartoonish,like old Tom&Jerry cartoons.I will make some changes and call it done,still need to retopo,texture,animate...If you want me to post the progress,I will be more than happy.Thanks!

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