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What is a good Monitor for 3D Work?

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Hey Guys, 
I’m a 3D Artist, mostly modeling and texturing, but I occasionally also work on Artworks, matte paintings, editing videos etc. 
I currently have a 160€ 27” monitor, and want to buy another one, so that I have a double monitor setup. My budget is about 300€. 

Because I have very little knowledge on hardware, I searched online for some help and found this article: https://www.cgdirector.com/best-monitor-graphic-design-video-editing-3d/ 
This really helped me understand what is important for my kind of work and what not. 

After reading the article, I started searching on Amazon for monitors in my price range, and found a few that seamed okay.

Dell S2721D, 27 Zol  

iiyama Prolite XUB2792QSU-B1 68,5cm (27") 

Dell S2721D, 27” or Dell S2721DS, 27” 

iiyama ProLite B2791QSU-B1 68,5cm (27") 


 Though, on neither of them I can find any information about Color accuracy. 

Do any of you have some tips, or maybe even some monitors they can recommend, that fit in my budget? 
What I’m looking for: 

  • 2560px x 1440px resolution (maybe even 4k, but I don’t think I need that, so I’ll probably want that money to go into the color accuracy). 

  • ISP panel   

  • 27” 

  • Matte reflection 

  • 60 Hz is fine 

  • Vesa mount for monitor arm 

  • Somewhat color accurate 


I know that 300€ is not that much for a monitor. Though currently I’m still a student and don’t have the money for more. My plan is, that maybe in two or three year I will buy a more expensive one and will get rid of the 160€ monitor. 


  • Axi5
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    Axi5 interpolator
    I think 300EUR should actually be a decent amount for what you're looking for!

    Check Rtings is your best bet Dell S2721D Review - RTINGS.com, they also have a table view for you to sort by your use case Monitor Table Tool - RTINGS.com

    They don't have the iiyama's interestingly. I like iiyama, I've used a few in work before, mostly touchscreens. They're typically aimed more towards professionals, I haven't seen them very much in consumer space (at least in the UK). That isn't to say they're better, that's just who I think they're targeting.

    Some of the models at the top of the list on the table view are almost double your budget, but I think there should be plenty available at your budget if you dig a little.
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    poopipe veteran polycounter
    I got a 27" 1440p iiyama for the kids a little while ago at about £250 - it's really not bad at all.  Wouldn't call it professional quality but you could do a lot worse for the money. 
    It's worth looking at LG - their consumer level panels are decent - I've had a 27" 4k one for 3-4 years now and it's still holding decent colour. That was around £350 iirc

    You won't get genuinely decent colour reproduction  below about £800  (dell ultrasharps etc) but you can get 99% ish sRGB coverage at the sort of budget you're talking about. 
  • gnoop
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    gnoop polycounter
    IM0, the key thing is not a monitor but rather  colorimeter  .   With X-right color monkey  or whatever modern ones are,    absolutely any monitor turns  just fine .         in fact  cheap sRGB monitors make you less headache with  color spaces  conversions  since many 3d soft  just ignore  anything but sRGB  by default .  
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