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Marmoset 4 Importing problem

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I have recently started using Marmoset to be able to create the "Viewer" files for my portfolio.

I am coming across a problem when importing a model, I have it happen with a different one too. New random geometry appear when they shouldn't across specific places in my model.

And this is how it should look

Triangulation fixes the problem however my main reasoning for using this is so people can see the wireframe and so this fix is bad ;(

You guys have any ideas what is causing this? I can provide my information/files if it helps.


  • EarthQuake
    Triangulation is very likely the problem, if you have non-co-planar quads or n-gons these will be triangulated differently in different 3D apps. You should triangulate the mesh or at least triangulate the troublesome faces.

    Generally speaking, when moving from app to app it's best to triangulate the mesh. In addition to what you're seeing here, you may see shading issues if you've baked your normal map in one app with a certain triangulation, and send it to another app with a different triangulation.
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