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Making Game Assets for my Cartoonish 2.5D Dogfight game

Hello here!

I always loved doing 3D art when I was a teenager but then I went to university to learn about brain research and I did not do much 3d modelling for 8-10 years! Two years ago I left research, started a part time job as a data analyst and start working on my own video game in the remaining time. Here a screenshot of the game I am currently working on:

I recently decided that I wanted to focus more on 3D art and spend less time programming. One of my goal for 2021 is to learn to create stylised 3D assets to make more convincing, eye-catching and fun environments. In this project, I want to focus on creating a jungle environment with aztec/maya ruins, and maybe some machine carcasses. My goal is to try to get to something like Crash Bandicoot 4, but probably a lot simper as I have limited resources!

Here is some concept art I made for one of the new levels:

And here some of the concepts for the assets that will populate the environment.

:) I hope to show my progress with the 3D assets soon!


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