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[WIP] Mars Attacks! Martian- 3D Character Project

Hello Polycount,

For the last few weeks, I have been working on a project with the goal being to recreate one of the Martians from Mars Attacks! in an Overwatch influenced art style. The final product will be a game-ready character model that has been textured, rigged and posed. Currently, I have been working on the high poly base (sculpted in ZBrush), with the main focus of achieving the art style within the head and collar.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

I will continue to upload updates on the character model as I progress with the project!



    Since last week, I’ve been mostly working on blocking out the body and testing out 3D Modelling techniques in ZBrush to achieve the rings around the arms and legs. Currently, I’m trying to make the proportions of the sculpt more accurate to the Martian characters, and over the next week I will be refining the spacesuit.

  • HeatherLNunnelly
    I absolutely love this. Great detail on the brain.
  • OfficialPeeper
    Awesome, keep us updated! I wanna see the finished rig and UVs.
  • pixelpatron
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    pixelpatron greentooth
    Rad, but the head seems too small?
  • pixelpatron

    After last week’s post, my focus has almost exclusively been on the head sculpt of the Martian. pixelpatron’s comment brought up an interesting point, so I have gone back and compared the sculpt to more reference images depicting various iterations of the Martians. Over the last week, I have been altering the shapes and forms of the head to ensure that the necessary details have been added and that the proportions are correct. Some small tweaks have also been made to the proportions of the spacesuit, although there are still areas for improvement!

    Thank you everyone for the amazing comments and pixelpatron for your feedback!


    To make sure that the character’s proportions are correct, the focus this week has been on resculpting the torso and refining the head. The eyes have been painted to help gauge the proportions of the head and the changes to the head sculpt have mostly included fixing the brow, sockets and general width of the head.

    The arms and legs are currently being remade, so they aren’t present within the renders currently. That being said, they should hopefully be completed by next week! A painted version of the current sculpt has also been completed to help get a better idea of how the character may turn out!


    Having spent a lot of time refining the body and head previously, I have been sculpting out the arms and legs of the Martian this week! They have been primarily completed using the Zmodeler and CurveStrapSnap brushes and the only thing left to do now is to sculpt out the hands before moving onto some general refinements across the collar.

    Along with the arms and legs this week, the head has had some minor adjustments made to the eyes, chin and forehead, along with some proportional changes to the torso to make it bulkier.

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