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Lack of Interest/Motivation

Hey, I'm a 16-Year-Old game Developer on the Platform; Roblox.

I've started the game way back, in 07 or so (pretty young, I know.), and I started developing around the 10s, so around 2010 or so, maybe even 9.

The past few year's, I've been lacking simple motivation and interest in creating or being associated with new game projects, example;

I'd start a game, with the intentions to create this awesome build, I have the motivation and the interest! And then all of a sudden, it just drops, as if I don't want to do it, or worse I CANT do it. I'm not sure if this is a common issue, but I really do miss creating projects that I enjoy too. sometimes it seems as if my work isn't good enough anymore, so I just quit completely.

The past (2 Years now) I've had this issue, I've tried multiple times to overcome it, or force myself to build, But I can't. If anyone has any solutions on how to overcome this hell whatever I'm going through, please help me?



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    Are you focusing on making a playable prototype? 
  • lotet
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    This happened to me a lot when I was younger as well. when I was a kid I would have infinite energy and passion for projects, basically running through them on that alone. as I got older that became harder and harder for me. as I got more experience I learned that I needed discipline more then anything to finish stuff.

    relying on passion alone can be really dangerous in the long run. you might find it hard to finish longer projects, and you also run a greater risk to burning yourself out.
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    Don't feel bad about it - everyone goes through this (some of us may or may not have been repeating the cycle for 20+ years) 

    Solo working is the hardest thing in the world, it takes a huge amount of discipline and process to see a project through 

    The secret is to break your project into small tasks that are achievable in eg. two weeks and give you a tangible result. 
    This works because you can see progress frequently, you can see the end of the tunnel and you have clear targets

    Have a Google for agile/scrum development practices and read up a bit on the philosophy - it's been standard practice in all kinds of software development for decades and it definitely works
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