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[PAINTER] Texture Exports With Artefacts

polycounter lvl 4
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Zoddo polycounter lvl 4
I am quite new to Painter and am trying to export textures of this one mesh.
The problem that is it exports with artefacts for some reason, which is weird because I baked texture multiple times prior without having this problem....

In Painter the mesh looks good, but when I export the textures I start to see normal artifacts that are not visible in the Painter viewport.
I imported the textures to Blender and there you can see it really well.

Also the roughness is completely off, i guess this has to do with Blender not using PBR Metallic Roughness workflow maybe?


Blender with textures aplied;

Normal map texture with visible artefacts;

Painter NHM view with visible artefacts;

I have no idea what I am doing wrong here, the only difference between this mesh and other meshes. Is that with this mesh I didn't use a subdivision modifier and just beveled the edges....


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