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Stylized Viking Tavern Diorama

polycounter lvl 5
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Slothfuldrake polycounter lvl 5

For the turntable checkout my Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/L2zLAv. Id love to hear your feedback.


  • JamesBrisnehan
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    JamesBrisnehan sublime tool
    It's a really cool design, but it feels just a little over-textured, making it look a bit noisy from a distance. I think the normal and AO might be a little too strong. But most of the noisiness is coming from the plant life. I think toning down the color variation and adding more translucency or sub surface scattering would help.
    Also over all it's a little hard to see in some areas. I think some stronger bounce light and more fill/sky light would look nice. Since it's just a diorama and not an environment, you could probably even add a rim light or two, just for fun.
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