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[Shelved] Flame guardian. Stylized Character art project.

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Anton_Guzeev keyframe
Hello everyone! 
I loved how my previous polycount thread turned out. Really helped me set up my goals and track the progress. So I am doing this again, with a bit more structure this time. This post is going to be pinned, so I will always see my goals and you can see the current progress.

My goals for this project are:
In general 
  • Further develop the stylized character pipeline I have set up in my previous project
  • Increase my understanding of UE4 by working more with its tools
  • Develop ways to create appealing, yet cheap to produce art, as I am planning to go indie one day
More specifically

Concept art:
  • Develop a pleasing character concept through  combination of 2d and 3d tools.
  • Practice sculpting stylized anatomy and clothing
  • Create readable and interesting stylized silhouette 
  • Create clean looking textures and materials that have procedural base in substance with a handpainted layer on top
  • the character has to have idle animation.
  • the character has to be able to walk, run, attack, sit, and jump
  • add one blend shape to add emotion of anger
  • create animation state tree to make all the animations work. In doesn't have to be pretty, but it has to work
  • add cloth simulation to the belt end
  • create toon shader in unreal and test it in combination with handpainted textures
  • create the effect of stylized fire on multiple elements of the character. 
  • create the effect of fire shield spell
Final result should be an artstation artwork of a mage casting the fire shield spell with as much of mid progress material as needed.
Main Style reference: giganic game art

Current progress:


  • Anton_Guzeev
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    Anton_Guzeev keyframe
    Okay, we have established the goals, now lets go throug some of the progress so far. 

    This project had been inspired by the ARTWar4 theme of element warriors that have to either attack or defend using one of the four elemens: fire, lightning, earth of water. I knew I wont be able to meet the deadline, but the theme really got me and I came up with these four concepts:

    I really really like the fourth one - the palest and gayest possible fire prince with long heated metal nails and lots and lots of chains. with high heels and contempt. maybe I'll get back to him one day. but for now I have chosen the first one as it is much cleaner in vision.

    The eastern themed royal guard that has fire powers. I also really liked the idea of using fire, usually an offensive element, in a defensive way, hence fire shield.

    The concept turned out to be sort of generic, I know, but It was solid enough to get me going. I liked the general direction and most of the elements. I have got some great feedback on how to improve it from the great @Svartberg: try ti unite the design by maiking the girl ifrit, look up sime of actual eastern royal guard elements, etc. basically, add more personality. I'll see what I can do here, as I will  do a second pass on the concept to tie things together a bit more.

    But before that however, I came back to the blockout I used for overpaint and tried to push the silhouette. And this is where I am now:

    I like the overall silhouette enough to test it in Mixamo. I love Mixamo! Such a great way to test out the character in bunch of different poses and acitions. And all you have to do is merge the mesh, do a decimation and export!

    I really like how the face turned out! the panns probably need more work, but in geral I am happy with the results so far. 
    Now I gotta do some more designing, add a sword, figure out the armor shapes and maybe something for the other hand.
    The mask is also a weird point right now. I like it, but I like the face more, so there is no reason to use the mask. Maybe I'll transform it into something else.
    for now that is it. Cheers!
  • Anton_Guzeev
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    Anton_Guzeev keyframe
    some update on modeling: 
    tweaked the design a bit and started cleaning up the elements

    Now I need to find or create some cool patterns for her armor
  • Anton_Guzeev
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    Anton_Guzeev keyframe
    Okay, so it turns out designing your own character is kind of actually hard, who knew. I still struggle  with a lot of elements on this character and will probably stay unsure of her actual appeal due to lack of experience in design. So I am shelving this project for the time being. maybe I'll come back to it one day, maybe not.
    also, there were just too much goals for one character, I am still aiming to handle them all but maybe during more than one character projects.
    So I am off looking for a good concept and learning some design

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