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Hey friends! 4 years later, we have some things we wanted to show you! First, here are links where you can check out everyone on the team’s work. We'll make a post per character over the next few days. 

Character Art

Vinod Rams - Sr. Concept Artist,

Devon Cady-Lee - Sr. Concept Artist,

Katy Hargrove - Sr. Character Artist,

Jeff Mianowski - Sr. Character Artist,

Ted Lockwood - Sr. Character Artist,

Joe Pikop - Lead Character Artist,


Chris Venturini - Lead Animator

Ben Freedman - Sr. Animator

Joe Han - Sr. Animator,

Jeremy Fones - Sr. Animator,

Kyle Dahl - Sr. Animator,

Kishore Vijay - Sr. Cinematics Animator,

Matthew Oswald - Sr. Cinematic Artist,

Zachariah Scott - Sr. Cinematic Artist


Michael Puoci - Lead FX Artist,

Mark Eaton - Sr. FX Artist,

Shen Spurgeon - Sr. FX Artist,

Environment Art

Tomas Gomez, Lead Environment Artist

Matthew Barrett, Sr. Environment Concept Artist

Lisa Fleck, Sr. Environment Artist


Sam Kirk - Lead UI/UX

Nick Wiley - Artist/Designer

Lexxy Douglass - Illustrator,

Eric Dagley - Illustrator,

Levin Sadsad -

Technical Art

Patrick Corwin - Lead Technical Artist

Patrick Axlen - Technical Artist


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