[WIP] Shaman stylized character creation to learn some [UE4]

Wazzup people.
I am currently in the process of finishing the Highpoly for this Shaman dude based on the art by Yasen Stoilov (original concept here)

After taking part in my first GamesJam I see the need to broaden my skiilset beyond Zbrush and Substance painer.
So here is the plan: I wanna spend less time on polishing this guy and instead learn some new skills like:

  • Rigging and skinning in maya using built-in autorig system
  • Learning the basics of animation in maya to create a simple Idle animation
  • Importing and setting up the character in UE4
  • learning how physics works in UE4 and uisng it to make some parts of the character be affected by it (mainly leaves on the head and the leather skirt)
  • Creating presentation with one simple idle animation that can be used as a GIF like this one
  • Learning at least something about animation trees in UE4
  • Making a very basic animation tree or however it is actually called in UE4
  • Modify Mixamo animations until they fit my purpose. I want this guy to walk, stand and do some primitive casting when I press LMB
  • Maybe learning some basic FX stuff like making his stuff glow or something
  • Learn something about sockets in UE4 so I can make the staff swappable and maybe do another version of the staff to play with that.
Here is how it looks now, BTW

Currently I have to create the stuff and do some minor polish. Good luck to me, I guess.


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