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Photogrammetry: Komainu and other tests

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wyrine polycounter lvl 5
Hi everyone!
I've wanted to try photogrammetry for a while and I finally took the time to make a 3D model from some pictures I took of a Komainu (lion-dog statue) while I was in Japan. 107 pictures for this statue, this is quite low actually and there is some area I missed (inside the mouth, the belly and below the tail), but it will do for a first test.

Here is a WIP with on the left this is the original scan and on the right the clean version, still in progress. The ball inside the mouth will be separated from the body (as it is in reality).

I plan to make this boy a game ready model with a proper retopology and my own texture set. I'll post some WIP of the process!

I also have some other photogrammetry projects on going so I'll post everything in this post.

If you have any good information/tutorial about photogrammetry, don't hesitate to share it! I already did some research and read about it, but I still have a lot to learn about that interesting subject.

Thanks for reading!

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