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UE4 (4.22) FBX Import + Save All error?

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Amank679 polycounter lvl 5
Hey all! Been working away on my Daredevil Apartment, but came across some issues today. The first one is some of my assets such as ceiling light models and modular wall pieces seem to have disappeared. I can see they are still in the hierarchy with visibility on, so I'm not sure what's going on. I closed the project and deleted the cache from the Intermediate folder, but to no avail. So I deleted the broken assets and reimported which introduced my second issue.

Once I place the assets in the editor and try to Save all, I get the error saying asset failed to save with cancel continue and retry. I went back and deleted the history of the asset in Maya and did another fbx export, but that didn't fix it either.

Additionally, on import, I'll occasionally get a message saying I don't have sufficient permission to save the following content to disk. I know for sure it's not a storage issue because I have plenty of space.

Please let me know if you guys have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

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