Vehicle Modelling Workflows - Looking for advice [Audi Quattro 1980/81]

I am currently working in Maya to create a high poly recreation of an Audi Quattro, and need some help when it comes to practicing good workflow. I have collected references, found a blueprint, and blocked it out. I have started working on the wheels, but I think that I need to focus more on creating good topology to start turning it into a high poly (I do not currently intend on creating the inside). I will update this thread as I continue to work, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • RobertDoman
    After talking with one of my lecturers about how they have modeled cars, we came to the conclusion that I should consider using NURBS/curves. This is also mentioned by Karol Miklas in a 80 level article. Due to this I have begun remodeling the panels using curves. I then plan to either convert the surfaces to polys, or quad draw on top. 

    The problems I am now encountering are with keeping consistent edge flow on the more complex parts of the car such as the wheel arches. I am also not accustomed to knowing where to put breaks in the surface. I hope that by using curves, the realism of my vehicles increases.
  • lluc21
    My advice would be to model the whole "shell" of the car in one piece instead of doing each part separately, keeping in mind the position of the edge loops (doors, panel gaps and so on). This way you will have proper edge flow and reflections. 
    When you're done with the main shape you start adding loop cuts giving it a better silhouette and adding details like handles and so on.

    This is what I'd try to achieve first. Notice how the loops try to follow the shapes of the car and the cut on the door. It's still connected to everything else in order to keep good flow when it comes to separating it.
  • RobertDoman
    Thank you so much! This is a very useful tip that I hadn't really considered! I will definitely start doing this!
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