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Why Cloth Simulation Always leave some gap? (blender)

Every cloth simulation I have done in Blender , they always leave some sort of gap between the cloth and the collision object. How do I get rid of this gap or make it smaller? 


  • myclay
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    myclay polycounter lvl 10
    first guess;
    select your cloth, in the properties, scroll down to Collisions
    change Quality, and Distance settings.

    select the Mesh on which you have activated collision (the object on which the cloth is floating on top)  and change the  Thickness Outer settings to a lower amount.

    Second guess;
    the cloth might have to few vertices, subdivide it a couple times.
  • Seth389
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    When that happens it's usually the offset value in the cloth properties of your cloth, or even your static objects.
    Play around with that.
    You would know if it was lacking polys , you would clearly see a big stretched polygon when you turn on edge view.
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