Feathers on weapon for FPS - Geo or 2D plane?

First off, hello everybody, my name is Liam O'Hagan and Im a Junior 3D Artist from Toronto, Canada. This is my first post here, so I apologize if it isnt in the correect spot. Now, to my question.

I am trying to make a sword that will be held by the player, (so it will be close up in the viewport), and wanted to add some big feathers to the guard. I wanted some opinions on weather I should use a plane for the feathers or fully model it. Poly count isnt my issue here, Im more worried that a plane will look cheap and too "2D" up close to the camera, or maybe the geo would look too thick and clunky. If anyone has any suggestions on how they would proceed, please let me know!

Im using UE4, if that matters

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