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QuadRemesher : new auto-retopo plugin for Maya, 3DSMax, ...

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Maxime33 polycounter lvl 7
I'm currently making an auto-retopo plugin for Maya and 3DSMax.
I'm looking for few beta-testers. Let me know if you are interested !

I will need your email to create a license key for the test - so just send me a private message with your email.
And let me know if you want to test for 3DSMax or Maya.

-------- NB: The plugins for 3dsMax, Maya and modo are publicly released. --------
Beta testing is closed.
You can download a trial here : https://exoside.com/quadremesher/quadremesher-download/
Many thanks to all guys who helped me!
Beta testing is still open for plugins for Blender, Houdini and C4D....


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