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FWVN edge wear material function for dynamic procedural texturing

grand marshal polycounter
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Obscura grand marshal polycounter
I got a bunch of requests for a tutorial or release of the fwvn edge detect technique in the past, so I finally decided to take some steps and roll it into a material function, which I will make available very soon. Until then, here are some preview screenshots. C&C are welcome.

The material function will look something like this. Unfortunately the amount of inputs can't really be reduced further, if we want to keep it nicely customizable. 

The actual effect applied on the color and metallic channel:

Lit view:

If you want to go gross, it could be also hooked up into a perturb normal function, to make normals. Unfortunately this suffers from strong aliasing at distance.

The technique could be used to a make edge wear on any mesh that has beveled edges with face weighted normals, it doesn't necessary need to be hard surface stuff.

Link to the download will be available in this thread in the upcoming days, so stay tuned. I only want to make some slight adjustments now, and to wait a little bit for peoples input on it, so it can be adjusted to the needs before releasing it.


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