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So I don't clutter up the thread I am taking part in the art jam to bring an existing character into a MOBA setting to pay homage to the amazing animation style in games such as League of Legends.

I will post WIP shots here as I go to make these animations as awesome as I can, my confidence level is pretty low, living up to the super high quality animation that Riot games is known for is nothing short of impossible at my skill level but I am excited to learn and hopefully take away a couple of awesome portfolio pieces.

Below you can find my copy/pasted ideas

|Nemesis champion|

Bio: After destroying Racoon city and unleashing countless abominations on the people of the world Umbrella reached their ultimate goal. They had figured out how to move matter across other planes of existence. Although this tech was still experimental and were not willing to risk the lives of their greatest scientists, there is a being they could risk. He had proven himself and killed many Stars members before succumbing to defeat, with the DNA still available it was time to make Nemesis 2.0. With that Nemesis was created again and sent through the void to discover, if anything what was on the other side. Using his bio sensors to feedback data to Umbrella labs he entered an entirely  new world where everyone was now a hostile.


[Idle]: Wide stance, heavy breathing standing strong and firm
[Idle Break]: Rage induced stomp and roar (subject to rigging the mouth up nice)
[Look around]: Methodical scanning of the area, sharp looks with longer holds
[Run]: Nemesis doesn't run, a slow heavy walk with strong exaggerated chest/arm movement
[Death]: Grasping head as the Bio-mechanics in his head malfunction with one final roar of pain falls to the ground with a thud
[Auto attack]: One, two punch with heavy final kick (Small knockback)
[Recall: Small look down like he is listening to someone, small nod to confirm followed by a large leap into the air offscreen.
[Recall landing]: Large land onto his knees with a steady stand up (Super hero landing yay)
[Emote]: Pull out the dead body of Jill Valentine from... somewhere. Hold her up by the throat study her closely for a brief moment before throwing her body to the side where it sinks into the ground.

[Leap]: Similar to recall, leaps up into the air and lands on screen elsewhere for swift movement to cut enemies off
[Rocket fire]: Fire a volley of 3 rockets into the air on a targeted location dealing AOE damage.
[Rage punch] : Nemesis charges up a punch which then propels him forward towards the enemy
[ULT]: Grab combo, grab enemy by the head/face then repeatedly slam 2 times before throwing the enemy up, leap then a slam back down into the ground

Here are two animations that I have done so far so as always feedback is appreciated!


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