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Currently this package is considered in "Beta" and is offered at a reduced price. Some aspects may not work correctly. The final price will be set at $30.

This package offers 25 non-photo realistic (NPR) post effects, made to reap the full benefits of the Post Processing Stack v2 (separate download).

A download link and set up instructions are included in the documentation.



Edge Detection


Imgur album with screenshots of all effects:

Combined effects examples (profiles are included)

Post Processing Stack benefits
• Effects work in Scene View
• Changes made in Play-mode are saved
• Profile-based settings
• Blend effects through local or global volumes (as in Unreal Engine 4)
• Cinemachine support
• Custom render ordering

Future proof
Both Deferred and Forward rendering are supported, as well as the new (LDF/HDF) Scriptable Render Pipeline.

The power of the PPS lies in its ability to layer many effects. Experiment with the rendering order to nail a unique aesthetic for your project. Several examples profiles are included.

Unlike the legacy Image Effects, and many other assets, the Post Processing Stack renders all effects more efficiently, by sharing resources throughout the stack.

Currently, the beta version is primarily developed for PC so the assets can mature, before exploring compatibility with other platforms.

Join the beta
Feedback helps focus and speed up development. The dedicated forum thread is the most helpful way for you to contribute.

Included effects
• Edge detection
Highlight the edges of objects
• Fog gradient
Colors the fog by distance
• Ripples
Make the image appear to wave
• Refraction
Create cracked glass, scratches, frost etc. Several example textures are included.
• Kuwuhara
Turns the image into a painting in real-time
• Ambient Occlusion 2D
Adds self shadowing based on luminance
• Lensflares
Extend existing bloom with light streaks
• Blur
Gaussian and Box blurring
• Color split
Simulates the splitting of color channels
• Mosaic
Hexagonal and triangle patterns
• Fisheye
Buldges the screen
• Pixelize
A retro resolution effect, pseudo pixelart
• Color depth reduction
Go back to 1-16bit color mode
• Sharpen
Makes the image crisper
• Double Vision
Go crosseyed
• Color washing
Simulate psychedelic color breathing
• Overlay
Fix an image to the screen, like a helmet
• Kaleidoscope
Splits the screen up into "pie" pieces
• Invert
Invert all colors
• Black Bars
Creates a vertical/horizontal letterboxing effect
• Dithering
Creates a Lo-Fi shading effect
• Scanlines
Draw horizontal lines over the screen
• Tube distortion
Bend the image like a CRT screen
• Danger
Warn for damage or grow ice over the screen. Blood spatter and ice sample textures are included
• Screen gradient
Draws a vertical gradient over the screen

Several example profiles and textures are included in the package!
• Comic book
• Night vision
• Painterly
• Psychedelic
• Retro

More details about the workings of these effects and known issues can be found in the documentation.


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