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SC Post Effects for Post Processing Stack v2

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This package extends Unity's Post Processing Stack (v2) with 33 additional screen effects. Aiming to provide visual enhancers or feedback effects.

⚙️ Post Processing Stack benefits
• Effects work in Scene View
• Changes made in Play-mode are saved
• Profile-based settings, easily create presets
• Blend effects through local or global volumes (example scene included)
• Cinemachine support
• Custom render ordering

Future proof
Both Deferred and Forward rendering are supported, as well as partial support for the Scriptable Render Pipelines. See the compatibility table.

Post effects always have a constant, resolution dependent, performance cost. No matter the scene complexity. Some effects may be more complex than others. Scripts and shaders have been developed with performance efficiency in mind.

✔️ Compatibility
This package is primarily developed for PC/MAC, mobile and web platforms are not supported.

VR has been tested with Single-Pass Stereo Rendering using an Oculus Rift. Some features are excluded

Full compatibility details

Included effects:

• Edge detection Highlight the edges of objects or colors
• Fog Distance and height fog with 2D density noise. As well as single, gradient and skybox color modes.
• Sunshafts Radiate sun rays from a directional light and skybox
• Color Grading LUT Use any third-party LUT strip, with the option to fade two LUTs over distance.
• Cloud Shadows Projects a texture over the world (cloud example texture included)
• Tilt Shift Horizontal or Radial depth of field effect
• Ripples Make the image appear to wave
• Lens Flares Draw procedural lens flares on bright spots
• Colorize Remaps the screen's color to a gradient texture (eg. night or thermal vision)
• Refraction Create cracked glass, scratches, frost etc.
• Kuwuhara Transforms the image into a real-time oil-painting
• Sketch Creates a hatching effect based on luminance
• Ambient Occlusion 2D Adds self shadowing based on luminance
• Light streaks JJ-Abrams style lens flares. Extends bloom with light streaks
• Blur Gaussian and Box blurring methods
• Speed Lines Anime/cartoon speed effect
• Color Split Simulates the derefraction of color channels
• Radial blur Blurs the image towards the edges of the screen (aka Bethesda-style pain effect)
• Pixelize A retro resolution effect, creates pseudo pixelart
• Dithering Creates a checker-pattern Lo-Fi shading effect
• Posterize Limits the screen to old school 1-16bit color depth
• Sharpen Makes the image appear crisper (useful when using TAA)
• Double Vision Crosseyed vision, either full-screen or limited to the edges
• Hue Shift 3D Simulates psychedelic color breathing
• Overlay Fix an image to the screen, includes blending options
• Kaleidoscope Splits the screen up into mirrored "pie" pieces
• Invert Inverts all colors
• Black Bars Creates a vertical/horizontal letter-boxing effect
• Scanlines Draw horizontal lines over the screen
• Tube Distortion Bend the image like a CRT screen
• Danger Warn for damage or grow ice over the screen.
• Gradient Draws a gradient over the screen
• Mosaic Circular, hexagonal and triangle patterns

Demo content includes sample textures for all effects.

Example profiles:
• Comic book
• Night vision
• Painterly
• Psychedelic
• Retro
• Underwater

More details about the workings of these effects and known issues can be found in the documentation.


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