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30 heads in 30 days.

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Hey guys.

One of the recent graduates from Herts Uni asked me what kind of exercises he could do to get better as a character artist. So i told him to do a study of heads at the macro level, focusing on forms rather than details in order to build a likeness, doing a head a day for a month.

I decided to do this alongside him, and a couple of other friends showed an interest, so we've formed a small group. But we'd love for people to join in!
The task is to take a base head mesh (link below), and within one hour, get as close as you can. The final rule? You're not allowed to subdivide the mesh more than once!

Link to basemesh: http://crazyferretstudios.com/public/30heads/BaseMesh.obj (right click > save as, if it opens as a text document in browser).

Pior has modified the basemesh to be more basic in shape, with less predefined features to use, feel free to use this instead if you wish: http://crazyferretstudios.com/public/30heads/Basemesh_simple.obj

Recap of the rules:
Use the basemesh provided.
No more than one subdivision.
No longer than one hour.

Tweet with the hashtag: #30HeadsIn30Days

@Elithenia has been awesome enough to create a datasheet with all 30 head refs to use in one go! Grab it here:

Individual links to the current faces:


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