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Chronos Environment Art Dump - Steven Skidmore

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It's been a long time since I've posted much of anything, but I finally got around to putting together some images of my contribution to Chronos. Right now it's just some High Poly shots but I plan on updating this thread with some in game shots as I find time to actually throw it all together. We had a ton of fun making Chronos for VR (Oculus) and we were a pretty small environment team for the majority of production. I was working as a co-lead and was responsible for establishing the overall look of new areas for the other artists to reference as we ramped up production in each new zone. I did a lot of prop/asset creation but I also led most of the material/shader development for VFX and Environment stuff.

You can check out most of my other stuff at Artstation too : https://www.artstation.com/artist/stevenskidmore


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    Really nice work, Steven!
    Were you not happy with the texturing, or was that done by someone else? I would be curious to see more of this.
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    I did all of the texturing for these assets as well. We only had an environment art team of about 3-4 people for most of the project. I plan on posting some texturing shots too for some of the assets. A lot of the look was developed in Unreal through some crazy shaders so it's a bit harder to get 100% what it looks like in game without a lot of the bake data. We did a lot of stuff with Precomputed AO Masks and vertex blending + decals to achieve the final look on most of the environment pieces. 

    Chronos had a very clean, stylized look to most of the textures so a lot of them are just simple color gradients and subtle AO + Curvature. I'll see if I can get some time in the next few days to throw together some more shots.
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