Cal. 357 M9 Revolver Fanart (WIP Thread)

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Hi Guys,

yesterday i started a new gun project.
I saw this amazing piece of concept art by Kris Thaler and i made the decision that this gun needs to be part of my portfolio.

I already searched the web for good looking, modern revolvers and this one by Kris Thaler is my decision.

I will not follow the concept 100%, i´ll take it as Fanart. Small changes on the details are planned. Why? Sometimes i rather miss a "strange looking" detail then to model it in and to have a weird looking smoothing on my highpoly. And yes, the concept looks great allover in my eyes, small changes are just a personal decision.

Yesterday from 6pm to 3am ^^ i achieved this:

My goal is to finish the highpoly tonight or at least on sunday.
I handle this gun as a fast portfolio project, because i also must work on my indiegame which i want to release by the end of the year 2017!

Thank you,


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