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[ONG] Offroad Racer - Indie Game Dev Log



  • AquaBeat
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    AquaBeat polycounter lvl 5
    I was so pumped when I saw email that said there is new comments on this topic :D 
    Game is looking super cool, and I bet it feels awesome. If you need someone to test the game I would be more than happy to help :D
  • leillo1975
    defragger said:
    Thanks for your amazing feedback guys!

    Thanks to you for all this information. We just wrote an article in our web talking about this news:


  • griffitii
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    griffitii greentooth
    This is looking fantastic!
  • leillo1975
    OHHHH....  really awesome! Can't wait anymore
  • lluc21
  • Emixam
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    Emixam polygon
    Daaamn guys, you rock !!
  • teodar23
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    teodar23 keyframe
    Hey guys!
    Your game looks great and i like the ideas you outlined above. Just make sure you add this on the steam page so that everyone knows what to expect from the game. Speaking of expectations, will there be a demo of sorts?
    Best of luck!
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